TJ Harrop

Digital transformation

I deliver digital services using strategic design, agile coaching, and product management.


I'm an experienced digital transformation professional with 15 years experience across startups, businesses, consultancy, and government.

TJ Harrop facilitating an exec design exerice at MAAS Facilitating design at MAAS with business and technical leaders from NSW Government Departments

By holding both strategic and tactical positions, I have built a warchest of principles and skills that span design, technology, strategy, and delivery management.


Full time / contract

I am currently based in Sydney, Australia, but I am not available for full time work.


I am available for organisational, team, and exec coaching to help:

  • Re-think how teams are given work
  • Avoid outsourcing the 'thinking'
  • Deliver to meet user goals quicker
  • Remove separation between business, design, and tech

Get in touch

I work as an independent coach. Contact me below if you'd like to talk about working together.