TJ Harrop

I’m TJ Harrop, a design manager, agile coach, and born-again coder. I specialise in design operations and design technology.

Design Operations is scaling design, through operationalisation, to be a core part of an organisation. Instead of designers designing things, DesignOps provides a scalable system of frameworks, tools, and principles so that design is present in everything.

Design Technologists merge engineering and design processes. Technology and creativity together result in scalability, systematic quality, and productivity for design teams. My desTech intro in Interactive Mind (2015)

Why people hire me

People hire me when they already understand the benefits of well designed products and services, and want to cost-effectively mature their design practice to be manageable, with assured outputs.

When a design grows from something within a workstream, or an 'internal agency' team, to a distributed enterprise practice, the processes, tools, and governance need to be re-engineered. The distribution of design skills also needs to be carefully balanced. Scaling design without creating expensive inefficiencies can be boiled down to 3 tightly-coupled topics:

Projects & roles

I've been working in design (mostly within digital / UX) since 2003. The goal, since the beginning, was to make better products and services. Now, I am less focussed on making a thing, and concentrate on the strategic, systemic, and operational changes needed for others to make good things.

My past DesignOps work includes:

TJ for hire (plug)

Design and UX are valued and respected by orgs, the new challenge is how they become an integrated part of everyday operations.

Whether the goal is to hire your own DesignOps team or not, I can help refactor your design practice to be better integrated, more productive, and with out-of-the-box quality assurance.

In 2017, an organisation in Sydney told me they had the biggest UI/UX team in the southern hemisphere, alluding to success and maturity. Don't be like them, that's a waste of time and money. Contact me about adopting & improving DesignOps.


I am currently based in Sydney, Australia, and work remotely (like everyone, now).

You can contact me via: